What We Do … is the 5 KitBox

The 5 KitBox includes a range of resources supporting the child/tamaiti for their
first day of school and celebrates the child’s milestone 5th birthday.

The 5 KitBox has learning tools including, school back pack, lunch box and drink bottle, school uniform, pencil case, underwear, socks, butterfly learning to write cards, school stationery, shoes.

Plus a celebration range of birthday treats, birthday gift, reading and activity book, birthday banner, poppers, plates, balloons, and a special crafted birthday cake. All items relate to the child’s interests and are presented in a beautifully named celebration box with a note from us.

Every 5 KitBox is made as if the child was ours, all packed with care and love.


School Start First Impressions form relationships with existing credible community based referral organisations who are already in contact with families experiencing extreme material hardship.

We receive referrals from these community based agencies relying on their professional expertise and advice to determine a child’s eligibility for a School Start First Impressions 5KitBox.​

Once a referral has been received, our team of volunteers have two tasks – one is to contact the school to organise the uniform, stationery and payment of the school donations/fees; the other is to buy a personalised gift reflecting the child’s interest and have fun packing and wrapping all the goodies that compliment the 5KitBox.

All 5KitBoxes given to the children are put together as if they were “ours”, with love, devotion and dedication.

Please Note: Referrals are accepted only from these community based agencies.


Jack had a sense of well-being and confidence walking into school, proud to be wearing his new school uniform, new shoes and with a fancy backpack to start school.

Phoebe hadn’t expected to start school on her 5th birthday. She enjoyed the feeling of belonging and being like all the other children.

Clementine was happy starting school because her parents were relieved to know the donations/fees, stationery and other necessities were covered for her first year.

But best of all, Jack, Phoebe and Clementine had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY; a moment in time which provided all the children and their families with a positive and lasting memory.