“On behalf of our son Avau we would like to thank you for all his gifts for school. He loves everything. As Avau’s parents, our hearts are full of gratitude and excitement for all you guys have done for our son. Especially paying for his school uniform and stationery. We are out of words and we have nothing to give back to your wonderful service, all we can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH, we really appreciate everything. May god keep on blessing your heart with love”.

“To the team at SSFI, I would like to Thank you for making Manaia’s transition from daycare to big school so much easier financially. I am so overwhelmed with everything your team provided for her first year at primary. She is so excited to be starting school and with this package it has given her such a confidence boost.”

“Thank you so much for the start box, not only do I appreciate your gifts of generosity but the help that has helped me. From the new uniform, bag, lunch box, stationery to shoes, socks, underwear and the cake – thank you so much, my daughter loved it!”

“Yes big difference. My daughter usually watches cartoons and plays on phone, but when she got this pack she loves drawing, writing and colouring. Even though she is at school now, when she comes home she pulls out the book and her colouring pencils, she loves it. My daughter also likes reading now. I’m so grateful for you guys, for this amazing gift for my daughter. Thank you for being our guardian angels for Fiona’s First Impressions school life!!”
Yours gratefully, Fiona’s Mum

“I’d like to acknowledge your company’s amazing services to Family Start Manukau’s families. I want to express appreciation on behalf of my families of Family Start Manukau, it is really lightening up children’s life. I feel grateful to get all your support and assistance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Tracey Tang, Family Start Manukau

To School Start First Impressions,

I want to express the gratitude my son and I felt receiving this most amazing parcel for my son, Jack’s fifth birthday.* Words cannot express how much this meant to the both of us, and how much we were both blown way.  No matter how much my son pulled out of the box, it was like the box was bottomless!!!! Whoever chose the name ‘First Impressions’ hit the nail on the head, as everything was put together to help my son make a good first impression on the first day of his school life, and fit in with everyone else.

Although the actions in itself are very thoughtful in the short term, I believe the impact of such a positive start in the long term will help him have a positive view on school life for the coming years. Because we had this massive help to Jack’s uniform and school fees, including everything else down to underwear, bag, lunch box, books, shoes, we were able to spend the holidays before school spending time out and about having quality fun time together. I want both agencies to know you have helped us immensely, and made us feel like valued members of our community. The box was in no way just thrown together either, but based on a single piece of paper I filled out for Jack’s like’s and clothing size, it was as if First Impressions knew Jack personally. Thank you for being our guardian angels at the start of Jack’s school life.

Yours gratefully,

*Name changed for privacy

“I would like to thank you for making Talita’s Birthday so special. Talita is shy and slow in talking and is very special in her ways and education so it was difficult for us to put her through childcare and kindergarten. She prefers to be at home where she is more comfortable. But on her first day of school with her new school uniform and gear, I am happy to inform you that Talita stayed the whole day and has been actively attending school ever since, winning ‘Student of the week’ in her second week, we are so proud of her”.


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