SSFI Marlborough

How we started?

Inspired by the 7Sharp interview with SSFI, we contacted the founders Jane & Graeme Thomas to see if we could replicate the gifting of the 5KitBox in Marlborough, we were delighted when they agreed and this was the beginning chapter for SSFI Marlborough.

Who are we?

SSFI Marlborough is a registered charity numbered CC57425 with a Trust Deed that sets out the objectives of the organisation. You can read the Charities Details, Purpose & Structure, Officers, Trust Deed, Annual returns and other documents on the Charities website.

SSFIM is governed by three 3 trustees, who meet on a regular basis to run the organisation, presenting financial reports and approve spending and deal with matters are required.

The Trustees are 6th and 7th generation Marlborough residents from a single family, with a passion for our region and a desire to give to our community. Michelle Munro, our chairman, is a young Mum and photographer. Margaret Smith, recently retired, has devoted her working life to teaching. Brenda Munro is a trust secretary with many years accounting and administration experience. The trustees are supported by a group of dedicated volunteers to assist in the running of the operation.

All the work of the trustees and volunteers is unpaid, ensuring that every cent of the funds received to aid this charity is dedicated to the purpose of supporting the children.

To contact us, please email us or visit our website.